Robert Walker

Recipient of the 2013 Canadian SRI Distinguished Service Award

With two decades of experience, Robert Walker is a leader in the development of responsible investment in Canada and abroad. He is the Vice President of ESG Services for NEI Investments, which has approximately $5 billion in assets under management, including almost $2 billion in NEI Ethical Funds.

Based in Vancouver, Bob leads the team responsible for implementing NEI’s ESG Investing Program, a set of activities designed to advance long term sustainable value creation. Bob has designed and shepherded this program since its inception more than ten years ago. It is regarded as one of the most effective, comprehensive and transparent of its kind and has earned numerous Canadian Investment Awards, an Ethics in Action Award, and the Globe Conference Award for Sustainable Finance, as well as being the focus of academic study. Corporate engagement is the program’s cornerstone and it has contributed to significant sustainability advances among Canada’s banks, retail companies, electronics firms and resource extraction industries, tackling issues across the ESG spectrum from climate action to human rights to excessive compensation.

A former executive director of the Social Investment Organization, Bob has also helped advance responsible investment and corporate social responsibility at the policy level both nationally and internationally through engagement with the United Nations, the Government of Canada and provincial governments. Currently, Bob is Chair of the Boreal Leadership Council (BLC) working with companies, environmental organizations and First Nations communities to preserve Canada’s boreal forest, and is also a member the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers’ Responsible Canadian Energy Advisory Group. A thought leader in his field, he is frequently called upon to speak at conferences and in the media.


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