Moira Hutchinson

Recipient of the 2013 Canadian SRI Distinguished Service Award


Moira Hutchinson’s leadership of the Taskforce on the Churches and Corporate Responsibility (TCCR), a coalition of national churches and religious communities established in 1975, helped lay the foundation for the contemporary SRI industry, particularly the practice of active shareholdership in Canada.

Originally focused primarily on corporate involvement in South African apartheid, TCCR’s work soon expanded to other countries and issues.

Building on the work of the founding Coordinator, Renate Pratt, Moira promoted wider involvement in SRI by organizing national events on ethical investment funds, community investment, and active shareholdership. She helped to file 23 shareholder proposals between 1981 and 1991.

After leaving TCCR, Moira promoted SRI as a volunteer and consultant. She wrote “The Promotion of Active Shareholdership” (Jantzi Research,1996), providing a catalyst for the growth of Canadian shareholder activism. Her experience of legal challenges from Varity Corporation and Shell Canada informed her briefs to Industry Canada, opening the way to important federal corporate law reforms in 2001.

Moira is currently a member of the investment committees of the United Church of Canada and the Atkinson Charitable Foundation, promoting responsible investment with the assistance of SHARE’s core and custom engagement and proxy voting services. She is involved in community and social finance as Treasurer of the Canadian Alternative Investment Cooperative. She also promotes corporate responsibility in the apparel industry as a board member of the Maquila Solidarity Network.


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